“What’s in a name?” If first impressions are lasting, so does a name that says so much about a dog and its owner.

Dog names have not been exempted from the rapidly changing trends of the time. Dog names today are reflections of the times and people’s lifestyles.

In the past, the objects of inspiration for naming pets are the physical or personal attributes that a certain puppy or dog possesses.  Thus, Spot and Rover were popular neighborhood pets back then.

Today, the trends in naming dogs have changed and a computer analysis has revealed an entirely new trend –giving human names to canines. Whereas before, dogs were named Fido or Spot, today, the most popular dog names on the city streets and dog parks are Max, Molly, Lucy, Jake, and Sam. More than 90% of dogs playing in the dog park are now named after humans.

This trend may be explained by the way most dog owners view their pets today—as members of the “human pack” and as family and friend.

There is also the so-called micro-trend where young professionals name their pets Wallace, Zack, Harry—these are more serious names that possibly come from persons that they work with in the office and business associates.

For the most part, studies have shown that male dog owners often choose male dog names which are  more macho-sounding like Diego, Escobar, or Gangster.  These names echo brute and masculinity.

On the other hand, women tend to come up with girly female dogs names such as Nicole, Melanie or Lady.

There are also people who do not go with the flow and choose to be different. They can brew up names which can be ridiculous to other pet owners. Boobsies or Poopoo are some names that many pet owners would never want to be caught calling their dogs (and I guess, most dogs will truly be embarrassed too!).

There is one fact though which have been proven time and again—the most popular dog name of dogs that bite is Rocky.  

As the times change, trends come and go, and so do Fido, Rover, Spot, and Blackie. As dog owners evolve, there are more sources of inspiration for dog names.

One thing that has changed very little though in naming dogs is when children are given the go signal to name their puppy or dog. Disney often exerts a big influence on their choices. Favorite Disney names include Lion King’s Simba and Little Mermaid’s Ariel.

Naming a puppy or a dog is certainly a golden opportunity to show one’s creativity. There are endless arrays of resources to help you pick out the best one.

Whether you want to pick out cute dog names or select from a list of the most popular names of your dog’s breed, what you name your dog will reflect what you feel towards your pet and what you are as a person. Whether you like it or not, people will constantly relate your dog’s name to you.

Naming your dog can be a spur of a moment decision but for some, it will be a long process of research, brainstorming and selection until you find the best name that will suit your pet and you.