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Are you still thinking about the best name for the newest addition to your family?  Do you know that the name you will pick out for your dog may reflect how you perceive your dog—names like Max and Betsy might mean you treat your dog no different than a child, while names like Champ or Hunter might denote the dog’s niche in society?

There are also dog names which are quite unique and catchy such as Bebo or Bubah but there are dog owners who feel comfortable with classic names such as Buddy and Maggie. Others stick to Blackie or Spot to single out a dog’s quality while Happy or Grumpy can signify a pet dog’s personality.

If you are still losing sleep on what would be the coolest name you can give your pet, here are some things to remember—

  1.  Stick to names containing one or two syllables.  Think about the difficulty you might have when you try catching your dog’s attention in the dog park by yelling “Cruella De Vil” or “Memphis Belle”.
  2. If you really want a long name for your dog, have a “call name” that is shorter and easier.  Dogs with pedigree papers, particularly show dogs, often have a long phrase for a name, which will often include their titles and kennel names.
  3. Most often it is easier to stick to a classic name such as Belle or Duke particularly when you love tagging him along in public. Think about the looks you will get when you call your dog “Killer” or “Meat Head” in a crowded place.
  4. If you want to go down the path less traveled, you can chose creative and unique names that can stand out and be easily remembered.
  5. Remember you will be calling out your pet’s name well over 30,000 times, so choose well and be sure to check the meaning before making the final decision.

Picking out a name for your dog is certainly daunting but definitely fulfilling. At first you would certainly be besieged by a lot of choices and you’ll find it difficult to choose the best one that will suit your fancy. However, the key to selecting the best name for your pet is to make the “name my pet” activity an enjoyable exercise.

You might have known by now that the most popular dog names in the US are Molly and Maggie for females, while it is Max and Jake for males.  For some, naming their dogs may be a spur of the moment decision however some choose to take it slow by observing their dog and learning a little bit about its personality before finally picking out the best dog name. sd

The Top Twenty female dog’s names in the USA

1. Maggie
Derivative: Margaret
Means: A pearl
Inspired by: Rod Stewart’s song ‘Maggie May’.

2. Bear
Means: Large mammal
Inspired by: Bear Bryant, football coach

3. Molly
Derivative: Mollie
Means: Irish for Mary
Inspired by: Molly, a white horse in Animal Farm by George Orwell (1945).
Famous because of
actress Molly Ringwald.
Films: The Breakfast Club, Betsy’s Wedding and Pretty in Pink.

4. Shadow
Means: A dark image cast by something blocking light.
Famous because of
a Golden Retriever in Film, “The Incredible Journey” (1993).

5. Lady
Means: Elegant female or nobility.
Inspired by: Cocker Spaniel in Disney’s 1956
“Lady and the Tramp”.
Famous because of
Catch phrase “I’m A Lady”
from British TV Comedy series ‘Little Britain’.

6. Sadie
Derivative: Sarah, Sally
Means: From Sarah – Princess, one of royal
Famous because of
Sadie Frost – Ex-wife of actor Jude Law.
Actress and fashion designer.

7. Lucky
Information about this name:
Means: Having good luck.
Inspired by:
President Ronald Reagan’s dog.
Lucky Man – A Memoir by Michael J. Fox
Lucky – A Memoir by Alice Sebold.

8. Lucy
Derivative: Lucia
Means: Light
Famous because of
‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ the Beatles song.
Character from “Peanuts” comic strip.
Lucille Ball, star of 1950’s sit-com ‘I Love Lucy’
Actress, Lucy Liu

9. Daisy
Derivative: Daisy Mae
Means: The eye of the day. Also flower.
Inspired by: Daisy Miller, novel by Henry James (1879).
Famous because of
Girlfriend of Donald Duck

10. Brandy
Derivative: Brandi, Brandee, Brandie
Means: An alcoholic drink distilled from wine
Inspired by: Brandy the American R ‘n’ B pop star.
Brandy used to flavour Christmas Cakes, Puddings and Custard.

11. Bandit
Means: robber
Famous because of
Smokey and the Bandit movie

12. Ginger
Derivative: Virginia
Means: A spice
Famous because of
Dancing partner of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers (1911-1997)
Geri Halliwell, ‘Ginger Spice’ in the Spice Girls band

13. Abby
Derivative: Abbie, Abbey,Abigail, Abbi
Means: From Abigail – Father’s happiness

14. Sasha
Derivative: Sacha, Sascha
Means: Helpmate

15. Sandy
Derivative: Sandi, Sandra
Means: The helper of mankind
Famous because of
Sandy played by Olivia Newton John in film, Grease
Actress, Sandra Bullock

16. Murphy
Means: Sea warrior
Inspired by: Murphy’s Law, that anything can happen.
Famous because of
US sit-com “Murphy Brown”

17. Pepper
Information about this name:
Means: A spice or condiment.

18. Dakota
Means: Friends
Inspired by: A State, USA
The Dakota building in New York where musician John Lennon was murdered.
Famous because of
Dakota, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.
Young actress, Dakota Fanning.

19. Katie
Derivative: Katherine, Kate, Katy
Means: Pure maiden
Inspired by: British Super Model, Kate Moss -.
Famous because of
Actress, Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn.
Actress, Katie Holmes, partner of Tom Cruise.
Actress Kate Beckinsale

20. Annie
Derivative: Anne
Means: Full of grace
Inspired by: Annie Oakley.
Famous because of
Musical, ‘Annie’
Actress, Annie Potts

The Top Twenty boy dog names in the USA

1. Max
Derivative: Maxwell, Maximillian
Means: Large spring
Inspired by: Max Mara – fashion designer label.
Famous because of
The German Shepherd dog of ‘The Bionic Woman’.

2. Jake
Derivative: Jacob
Means: To fill the place of another
Inspired by: Boxer, Jake La Motta
Famous because of
Character in “Melrose Place”
Jake – one of the Blues Brothers
Actor, Jake Gyllenhaal

3. Buddy
Derivative: Bud, Budd, Buddie
Means: The welcome messenger.
Inspired by: Singer Buddy Holly (1938-1959)
Famous because of
Story of a New Yorker who raised a gorilla called “Buddy”
(1997 film).

4. Bear
Means: Large mammal
Inspired by: Bear Bryant, football coach

5. Bailey
Derivative: Bailie
Means: A trusted guardian of other peoples’ property
Inspired by: The Old Bailey, a criminal court in London.

6. Shadow
Means: A dark image cast by something blocking light.
Famous because of
a Golden Retriever in Film, “The Incredible Journey” (1993).

7. Sam
Derivative: Samuel, Samson, Sambo
Means: Heard by God

8. Lucky
Means: Having good luck.
Inspired by: Dog of President Ronald Reagan.

9. Rocky
Means: An area with lots of rocks
Famous because of
Films of the same name with actor, Sylvester Stallone.
Rocky the Flying Squirrel in the cartoon “Rocky and Bullwinkle”.

10. Buster
Derivative: Busta
Means: Extraordinary one
Famous because of
Actor, Buster Keaton (1895-1966)

11. Casey
Derivative: Cassey, Caysi, Kasey
Means: The brave and watchful warrior who never slept
Inspired by:
Australian country singer, Kasey Chambers –
Baseball player and manager, Casey Stengel –
Song Casey Jones about the engineer of the Cannon Ball Express.

12. Cody
Derivative: Codi, Codie,
Means: A cushion
Inspired by: Buffalo Bill, Wild West pioneer, born William Cody
Famous because of Cody – actor Robin William’s son.

13. Brandy
Derivative: Brandi, Brandee, Brandie
Means: An alcoholic drink distilled from wine
Inspired by: Brandy the American R ‘n’ B pop star.
Brandy used to flavour Christmas Cakes, Puddings and Custard.

14. Duke
Means: Leader or highest nobleman
Inspired by: Duke Ellington, jazz pianist.
Famous because of
Nickname of actor John Wayne (1907-1979)
Dog in “The Beverley Hillbillies” (1962-71).

15. Charlie
Derivative: Charles
Means: Strong and manly
Inspired by: Charlie Watts – drummer from The Rolling Stones.
Famous because of
Lead character Charlie Brown from “Peanuts”
Actor Charlie Sheen.
Actor, Charlie Chaplin.
Prince Charles, heir to the throne.

16. Bandit
Means: An outlaw or robber
Famous because of
Movie – Smokey and the Bandit.

17. Jack
Derivative: John, Jacko
Means: God’s gracious gift
Inspired by: Fairy story, Jack and the Beanstalk –
Actor, Jack Nicholson.
Actor, Jack Palance.
Jack Osbourne – son of Sharon and Ozzy.
Actor, Jack Lemmon.

18. Harley
Means: From the meadow of the hares
Inspired by: Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Harley Street, street of private Doctors in London.

19. Rusty
Derivative: Rusti
Means: Covered in rust
Famous because of
The cat belonging to Elly May in “The Beverley Hillbillies” (1962-71).

20. Winston
From a surname derived from an English place name, which was
in turn derived from the Old English given name Wynnstan
meaning “joy stone”.
Famous because of Winston Churchill (British prime minister
during World War II).

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