Dog Names from Movies and TV

Picking out a name for a new pet is always fun and exciting. The experience will be even more thrilling when you chose to name your pet after a favorite character from a television show or from a movie. 

Many movies have portrayed man’s best friend as a hero that braves tremendous odds to save the people they love. Delightful and clever dogsalso dominate our Saturday morning cartoons. Producers of television shows and movies have also capitalized on a dog’s appeal to kids by using pooches to teach young minds about bravery, sharing and other positive traits which are inculcated in the young minds of the children.

From the cuddly to the brave, from the cowardly to the quirky, dogs that play parts in movies and TV shows don’t fail to touch our hearts and minds, leaving behind an indelible mark that constantly prods us to let a dog be a part of our lives.

One of the most popular dogs from the classics is Argos, the pet of Odysseus, who embodied unequaled loyalty to his master. Many dog owners who have read about Argos have named their pet dogs Argos, in honor of the loyal pet friend.

Disney’s countless movies and TV shows are a fodder for dog names, which are very much a part of our growing years. Pongo and Perdita of 101 Dalmatians fame captured our hearts forever as they strived to defend and keep their family together.

Real-life dogs whose heroic and interesting lives have been captured on film have become iconic figures such as Lassie and Hachiko.

The legacies that dogs of cinema have given us have indeed touched our lives and we try to pass it on to our pets by naming them after our favorite whimsical, goofy, clever, and loyal dog heroes that we have come to love and adore.

When naming your puppy after a character from a movie or TV show, be sure to select a name which is short ( one or two syllables) and does not rhyme with commands. Dogs often find it difficult to distinguish words and longer words make it difficult for you to say and for your dog to comprehend.

If you want to name your dog after a character from a movie or a TV show, try spending some time with your new friend first so that you will be able to pick out the best name that will suit its personality and demeanor.  Different breeds of dogs have played different roles in cinema and each of them possesses distinct personalities that separate them from the rest.

List of Actor Dog and Star Dog Names


Batman and Robin’s dog in the comic books of the 1950’s

St Bernard pup in movie ‘Beethoven’

Name of the dog in Paul Newman’s Film ‘Cool Hand Luke’

Dog in movie ‘Steel Magnolias’

Golden Retriever in movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’

Dog in 60’s tv series ‘The Ghost and Mrs Muir’

Pitbull-Lab-mix in movie ‘The Incredible Journey’

Jack Russell in tv sitcom ‘Frasier’

Sheepdog in movie ‘Babe’

Dog in Tom Hanks movie ‘Turner and Hooch’

The most famous movie dog. A collie from many films, tv and books

Name of many movie and tv dogs, including ‘Dr Dolittle’ and ‘Married With Children’

Name of dog on tv series ‘The Bionic Woman’

Guide dog in tv series ‘Longstreet’

Name of Dalmatian in movie ‘The Truman Show’

The transvestite’s dog in the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’

The dog in movie ‘There’s Something About Mary’

A sheepdog in the movie ‘Babe’

Golden Retriever in movie ‘The Incredible Journey’

Scooby Doo
Most famous tv cartoon dog and now movies.

Scooby Doo’s annoying cousin

Puppet dog in British tv show ‘Sooty and Sweep’

Poodle in the movie ‘Benji’

Dog in the Enid Blyton tv series, The Famous Five

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