Newfoundlands are considered to be “giant” dogs, weighing over 100 pounds in most cases. Often used as a working dog in Newfoundland, these beautiful, gentle dogs actually have webbed feet and a water resistant coat of hair to aid them in swimming and getting around in the snow. Known as gentle giants, these dogs were bred through the mixture of a wild dog native to the island and the big black bear dogs brought over by the Vikings at the turn of the first millennia. Because of their Nordic origin, Newfoundland dog names tend to reflect the language and heritage of Scandinavia.

Many Newfoundland dog names are actually similar to German, since many of the languages in the northern part of Europe sound alike (even when actually quite different). While the Newfoundland has become popular in the United States as well, they are still much more common in Canada and their island of origin. Aside from Newfoundland dog names that reflect their roots, some of the names chosen refer to the work done by the dogs and the elements for which they are suited. For examples of popular Newfoundland dog names, see the list below. You may just find something you like.

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