Your puppy should learn to play with humans just as much as he should with other dogs.  By playing games with your dog, it helps them to bond with humans and see them as a source of enjoyment.  This will ensure your dog will be loving and faithful to you in the years to come.  This will also help them fit in better with other people and help create a better life for them in human society.

Dogs like to play

Playing games together helps create a bond and is also a learning experience for both of you.  While playing with your dog, it may help to allay certain fears or at least bring them to your attention.  It is also a way for you and your dog to get to know and understand each other.  It helps identify certain personality traits and characteristics that may be useful later in your lives.  It also helps to reduce stress and strengthen emotional bonds that make both you and your pet happier in the long run.

Make your Pet Happy

Dogs are social animals and love to be around other people, dogs, and animals.  Some dog owners will simply leave their dogs outside or tied up and never take the chance to form a loving relationship with their dog.  Playing with your puppy helps form a trust and loyalty between you and your dog.  It helps your dog to understand that you do care for it and you want it to be happy.  Happiness is the key to a successful relationship between you and your pet.  It is good for them to see you as a source of entertainment and not just their source of food and water.  This will create a more affectionate bond between you and your pet.

Engage in Meaningful Play

Dogs are also natural hunters.  Playing with them helps to create a positive outlet for their need to hunt and work.  Dogs may become disruptive if they have no outlet for their desire to hunt or work.  Playing helps to keep you pet well adjusted and prevent possible behavior problems from developing later.  If a puppy has no positive outlet for his playful energy, then it will begin to create negative ones that you may not want, such as digging up the yard, barking or becoming overly aggressive.  It is also a good idea to initiate play at the appropriate times.  You don’t want to play with your dog after he has misbehaved, as this will lead to miscommunication.

Dog Toys

Toys are wonderful when incorporated into your new puppy’s play.  Just make sure you select an appropriate toy for your dog’s age and size.  Try not to pick toys that resemble things you don’t want destroyed.  Your dog will easily confuse these play items with the real thing.  Your puppy won’t understand the difference between his toys and the things you don’t want chewed up.  As a dog owner it is your responsibility for your dogs well being.  If you play with your dog regularly and engage in meaningful play, you and your puppy will grow to be healthy and happy together.

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