It is important that your new puppy have a designated space in your home to call his own.  Your puppy can retreat to this space when he wants to rest or is feeling upset or just wants to relax.  If your puppy has his own space, it will serve two purposes – not only will your puppy feel safer and secure in his own area but you can ensure that your puppy is not all over your house! 

The Perfect Space

There are a few things you can do to help pick the perfect space in your home for your puppy.  Remember, this will be a place that your puppy spends a lot of his time, so it is important that you choose a place that is comfortable. 

If you want a well adjusted dog, there are a few places in your home that should be off limits to the puppy.  Don’t let your dog get too comfortable in your room or any children’s rooms – just as your puppy has his own space, you and your family have your own private spaces.  If you respect your puppy’s personal space he should respect yours.

Blocking Off Spaces

When beginning to get your puppy used to the spaces that he should be able to occupy, make sure the spaces you don’t want him in are blocked off.  The last thing you want while training your puppy is negative reinforcement!  If you don’t give him the opportunity to do something you don’t approve of, you’re setting the stage for your puppy’s success. 

Make The Place His and His Alone

Your puppy’s personal space should be his and his alone.  It should not be in a laundry room where lots of people come and go.  If you don’t have a separate small room to dedicate to your puppy, you can dedicate part of a room or a large corner to his bed, food and water. 

let him know it’s his space

Make sure your puppy’s space is warm and comfortable so he will have incentive to stay there.  Let your puppy know this is his space by letting him sleep there.  He should always sleep and nap in his private space – this will let him know it’s his space.  If you have more than one dog or pet, it is important that you have individual spaces for each one of them. 

Don´t bother him

If your puppy retreats to his space, it is important that you leave well enough alone and just let him chill there for awhile.  He may sleep or he may just lay there and watch as the people in his home go about their business.  Don’t bother him while he’s in his space – you may send him mixed messages about whether you want him to go there or not.  When he’s ready to come out of his space, give him lots of positive reinforcement and thank him for spending time in his area. 

With a little planning ahead, you can help create a comfortable, individual area for your puppy and ensure that he will feel happy, safe and secure in it.

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