Names for Large Dogs

Naming your large dog is one important event in your new-found friendship with your dog. If you have chosen a large dog breed, you will certainly be looking for a name that will echo your dog’s power and the niche that your loyal friend occupies in your life.

For most large dog owners, they consider their dogs’ names as perfect fits; however, there are dog owners who realize too late that their dog’s name can give a wrong impression about the owner, the pet, and their relationship.

Think about what message you can convey if you call your Labrador Retriever “Killer” or your Rottweiler “Satan”? Even though you find it unique or funny, others may think otherwise.
The name that you will pick out for your large dog breed will definitely reveal something about you as a person, your dog and your relationship with your pet.

Most large dog owners want to pick out names that will denote strength, power and dominance. Whether your dog is male or female, most dog owners think that large dogs should have names that will do justice to their size and appearance.

Some owners of large dogs are lucky enough because the perfect dog name just hit them at the right time. However, there are those for whom looking for the perfect name for their large dog can take a while.
One priceless advice when picking a name for your large dog: keep it simple. Look for one or two syllable-names that you can easily call out and one that your pet can easily recognize. Never chose a name that often rhymes with a commonly used command such as “sit” or “stay” for this can confuse your dog and you and your dog will certainly have a hard time with basic obedience training.

It certainly pays to spend time with your puppy first before deciding on the best name for him or her. Remember, a large breed puppy will grow up to be one big member of the pack. Do you think you will still feel comfortable calling your Great Dane “Tiny” or your St. Bernard “Baby Spice” when it is already full grown?

For dog owners who are adopting a large dog breed from the shelter, it is best to keep that name. The poor dog’s been through so much and giving him or her a new name can add to the confusion to a life that’s been turned upside down before you decided to give the dog a home.

Big and Bad
Big Boy

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