Few people are as proud of their heritage as the Irish, and this carries into every aspect of life, including choosing Irish dog names for pets. Regardless of breed or its origin, an Irish family will often dig into their ancestry and pull an Irish dog name out of the past. In fact, people unwittingly use names rooted in Irish every day, whether they are naming dogs or children. Think about how many Sean’s and Dillon’s you know.

Irish dog names can be really beautiful, coming from a very lyrical language, and they can also be quite appropriate in naming certain types of dogs, especially those that originated through Irish breeding. For example, the Irish setting and the Irish wolfhound are two breeds obviously earning Irish dog names. However, several other breeds, including the Kerry Blue Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier were originally bred in Ireland are especially worthy of a special name.

Whether you are Irish, your dog is Irish, or you simply like the idea of choosing a special name for your dog that is unique, Irish dog names can be a lot of fun. See the list below for a few ideas that are less common among dogs today to get an idea of what Irish dog names sound like.

Male NamesFemale Names
Aidan Meanings – little fire

Bannon Meanings – white

Brady Meanings – spirited

Donagh Meanings – brown warrior

Felan Meanings – wolf

Keiran Meanings – dark, black

Lorcan Meanings – fierce

Quillan Meanings – little cub

Rohan Meanings – red haired
Asna Meanings – musical sound

Blair Meanings – dweller of the meadow

Cara Meanings – friendly

Deirdre Meanings – chatterer

Fennore Meanings – white ghost

Keevin Meanings – beautiful and fair

Lia Meanings – gray

Renny Meanings – small and powerful

Sheena Meanings – God’s blessing

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