Several breeds of terrier were first bred in Ireland and Scotland by the Celts many decades and centuries ago. Among the most well known of such origins is the Scottish terrier, though other breeds such as the Shetland sheepdog, West Highland Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Golden Retriever, Scottish Deerhound, and even the Collie all originate from the Celtic people. One thing holds true to such rich cultures: they are proud of their heritage.

For this reason, many owners of such dogs will choose Celtic dog names for their pets, carrying on what is deemed to be an important tradition. Of course, there is another reason that pet owners choose Celtic dog names as well. Often, an individual of Celtic ancestry will choose names for their children as well as their pets that reflect their heritage, regardless of whether or not the dog is from the region.

Some of the Celtic dog names are very pretty, and others are quite unique. Because of the lilt of the language, all Celtic dog names seem to just roll off the tongue. If you are interested in Celtic dog names, take a look at the list below, complete with definitions so that you can choose the appropriate one for your dog.

Male NamesFemale Names
Ione Meaning – from the king’s island
Ardra Meaning – noble
Reagan Meaning – nobility
Afric Meaning – agreeable
Gitta Meaning – strong
Alastair Meaning – defender of mankind
Andraste Meaning – victory
Iona Meaning – from the king’s island
Isolda Meaning – the fair
Gwenneth Meaning – blessed
Aife Meaning – warrior woman of myth
Jenny Meaning – white wave
Bridgette Meaning – strong
Grania Meaning – love

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