The Top 10 Cutest Dog Names:

  1. Cuddles – a dog that love to hug
  2. Noggin – a dog who knows they are smarter than you
  3. Snuggy – a dog that keeps you warm while you lounge on the couch
  4. Button – small and cute
  5. Munchkin – for tiny pups
  6. Bashful – a dog that is shy when meeting new people
  7. Buddy – a dog that is its owner’s best friend
  8. Monkey – for playful dogs
  9. Booger – for dogs that always get themselves in a mess
  10. Piglet – for those “chubbier” dogs

Every dog whatever breed, age, or sex deserves to have a name befitting of a good and faithful friend. For people who get a first glimpse of their new-found friend as a delightful little puppy, what better way to do justice to this adorable little fur ball than to pick out the cutest name one can ever think of.

The urge to call your sweet little puppy a name that’s perfect for its size and personality will certainly move you to scour the lists and pick out the sweetest name for your eensy, weenie friend.

Cute dog names are often derived from words that denote being small or tiny and have a certain cute appeal when you say it. Names like Tiny, Itsy-bitsy, Pixie, Button, Midge, Imp, or Speck gives us an idea of something little, minuscule, or minute.

There are also cute dog names that dare to stray from what are commonly used. Names like Star, Lady, and Shadow may not be as popular particularly when you are naming small breed dogs but they are often cool and fashionable when you give them to large breed dogs. Shadow denotes something ethereal, while Star relates to something celestial.

Cute dog names are one sure way to give your loyal cuddly friends their own identity and make them individuals or personalities in everybody’s eyes.

Cute dog names does not necessarily signify being small, tiny or petite. There are dog names which are equally endearing and lovable. You can derive inspiration from a variety of sources and ideas.

One of the endearing ways to name your dog is to name them after a peculiar trait or personality they exhibit. Female puppies that behave like royalty thus Queenie or Princess will fit them to a T.

Short or one-syllable names are also universally appealing while being easy to roll off your tongue. A short name will also make it easier for you to call out your dog particularly in public places such as in the dog park. 

Another ingenuous way to give your dog a cute name is to get ideas from dazzling movie stars and hot celebrities. A dog named after a favorite actor or actress will certainly be interesting and a great conversation starter when you go on your daily walks and meet other dogs with their owners.  What do you say about Lea, Angelina, Emma, Ryan, or Tom?

You can also derive inspiration from favorite TV and movie personalities. How about Finn from Glee, Bella of Twilight fame or Jewel from the movie “Rio”?

Naming a puppy or a dog is certainly one big job. Many dog owners often make the mistake of deciding on a name at the spur of a moment and unfortunately choose to change it to another name in a day or two.  

Oftentimes we are always thinking of the big and complicated we fail to see that our puppy can “tell us” the name that’s right for him or her.  A puppy’s appearance, behavior and personality can often be the best source of inspiration for a name. 

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