The Golden retriever is one of several retriever breeds, including the Labrador retriever, all of which were bred as hunting dogs. These were used (and often still are) by hunters to literally retrieve the kill – usually duck and other fowl that is smaller and shot from a distance and landing in an unknown location. Because of their golden coloring and their purpose, Golden retriever names have been quite varied among dog owners. While some will choose to name the puppy for the intended future hunt, others will choose Golden retriever names that are completely unrelated to such a task.

With retrievers, especially Golden retrievers, the color often dictates the name, with a chocolate lab, for instance, being named Brownie or Hot Chocolate. This is a cute direction to go, if you don’t mind choosing from among the most popular names for your breed of dog. Of course, there are so many dogs out there that it is impossible to come up with enough unique Golden retriever names to never duplicate one, but you can be unique enough that you won’t know another dog with the same title. Take a look at the list below for some of the most popular choices for Golden retriever names, which can either help you choose a name or steer you clear of a name that you think you’ll run into elsewhere.

Male NamesFemale Names
White Christmas

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