If there is a single culture in this world that is most proud of the ancestry and heritage behind it, Italians would take the cake. You’ll even find entire neighborhoods in the United States full of nothing but Italians who are clinging to their background and preserving their culture. In most cases, this will carry over into the way they look at the future, including passing on names and traditions to their descendants in hopes of having the culture live on. This is true even with Italian dog names. Whether it is the dog that has an Italian background or the family who is adhering to tradition in naming the pet, Italian dog names are very popular, especially among Italian families.

Italian breeds include the Maltese, the Italian pointer, the Bichon Bolognese, the Piccolo levriero Italiano (Italian greyhound), and many more. These dogs can obviously earn Italian dog names, though a dog doesn’t have to be of Italian background to deserve such an honor. Especially if the dog belongs to an Italian family, it may only be fair to include that dog as part of the family by choosing one of many Italian dog names to represent the heritage of the family. If you aren’t sure what Italian dog names there are, take a look at the few listed below to get an idea. While there are thousands of names to choose from, these are some of the more popular choices to keep in mind.

Male NamesFemale Names
Adriano Meanings – from the Adriatic

Bruno Meanings – brown haired

Constantin Meanings – firm

Fabrizio Meanings – craftsman

Ignacio Meanings – fiery

Leonardo Meanings – bold lion

Orlando Meanings – heroic

Ugo Meanings – intelligent

Vittorio Meanings – victor
Adriana Meanings – dark

Bianca Meanings – white

Cadenza Meanings – rhythmic

Ghita Meanings – pearl

Luisa Meanings – renowned warrior

Maura Meanings – dark skinned

Oriana Meanings – golden

Rosalie Meanings – rose

Viviana Meanings – alive

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