Picking out a name befitting a dog’s breed and appearance is one of the most enjoyable experiences of owning a dog. Naming your black dog will certainly be an experience of a distinctly higher level.

A black dog needs a name that will give justice to its elegant and beautiful black coat. If you are bringing home a black dog, you are surely wondering what name will best suit your new friend.

Picking out a name for your black dog can be quite difficult. In your case, your dog’s physical attributes, particularly its coat color, can give you countless ideas on what name to choose.

Some of the dog breeds that usually sport a black hair coat include the Bouvier des Flandres, American Water Spaniel, Doberman Pinscher, Bergamasco, Shipperke, Cao de Castro Laboreiro, German Collie, Boykin Spaniel, Formosan Mountain Dog, Patterdale Terrier, Schnauzer, Black Russian Terrier, Flat Coated Retriever and Curly Coated Retriever.

Since the black color is best associated with elegance, power, and mystery, a black dog often stands out because it embodies all these unique characteristics and more.

For many dog lovers, a black hair coat is a color of distinction in dogs. It is for this reason that any black dog should be given a name befitting its elegance and stature.

There are so many cool and unique names for black dogs. Most of these names pay tribute to their sleek black color and make your furry friend stick out among the rest of the other dogs.

Most lists of names for black dogs hardly contain names of people. Inspiration for naming black dogs usually come from black things (Ebony or Jet), black animals (Raven or Panther), weather-related (Nimbus or Thunder), and from words that are related to darkness and night (Shadow and Midnight).

The black color may also reflect mystery and formality. Some of the names for black dogs which are inspired by mystery include “Spooky” and “Ninja”.

There are also black dog owners who take pride in naming their pets “Sir John” or “Lady” to denote the distinct black color associated with formal society occasions.

Picking out the best name that will fit your elegant black dog should be all about finding the best one that will pay homage to their coat color.

One word of caution, though, when naming a black dog: the color black may signify black magic and the dark forces, thus you have to be careful that the name you will choose for your dog does not have any hidden meaning.


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