Congratulations, you’re about to get a new puppy!  Puppies are wonderful creatures that can provide lots of love and comfort for years to come.  Whether you’ve purchased your new puppy or adopted it, an important and vital thing to consider is how to get your new puppy home.

A Dog Carrier?

You may need to do some preparation in order to get your puppy from the pet store or shelter to your home safely.  If you’re thinking about just putting your puppy in the back seat while you drive home, think again!  Not having the proper equipment for your puppy during the ride home can cost your puppy his or her life, and may even cost you or other drivers their lives as well.  Invest a few dollars in a carrier or restraint for your new puppy to ensure that he or she will get home safely.

Pet Carriers – different sizes

The most popular option for containing your new puppy safely during the ride home is the pet carrier.  You can purchase a small, portable carrier that will easily house your puppy in the car or you can choose a larger, sturdier model. 

Smaller, portable pet carriers are often inexpensive and will often allow you to carry your puppy to and from the car as well.  The only downfall of this type of carrier is that your puppy will often outgrow it unless you have purchased or adopted a small breed of dog.  A larger, sturdier car carrier is an excellent idea if you’re planning on investing in a carrier that will house your puppy now and continue to be used when your puppy has become a full grown dog. 

You may want to reconsider a pet carrier like this if you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to maneuver – larger pet carriers are often bulky and difficult to manage easily.  Regardless of the type of carrier you choose, make sure there is some way to harness the carrier to the inside of the car.  This is very important, especially if the carrier is small!  Even if the puppy is protected in a carrier, if it is not attached to the car in some way, a sudden stop or wreck can throw the carrier across the car and if it is small enough, through a window.  Don’t take the chance!

Larger Dogs – what you should know

If you have purchased or adopted a larger puppy or dog, you can use a special restraint that is like a harness and a leash that is specially designed to work with the seat belt system in your car.  These generally aren’t recommended for small puppies because they generally will not tolerate a leash system like this.  If your puppy strains against this system or gets hysterical in the back seat, he or she can be harmed by the leash.

If you have questions, ask your local pet store associate for tips on how to take your new puppy home.  Remember, never take your new puppy home without a carrier or restraint – it could be very dangerous!

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