Playing with your puppy can be a lot of fun.  One of the things to consider when playing with your puppy is what kind of toys to give him. 

Try not to get any toys that have buttons or bells on them as these can be chewed off and choked on.  You also want to get an appropriate toy for the size of your dog.  You want something that your dog isn’t going to chew through in a day, so durability is also a good thing to consider.

What To Give Your Puppy

Some activity toys include ones that hold a treat or something similar in the middle.  These are usually very durable and flexible rubber products that are meant to keep your pet busy.

They encourage your pet to discover and explore ways in which to solve a complicated task.  They are a perfect toy to have when you have to leave your pet alone.  It’s good to have a few stored away in case you need to leave for awhile and want something to keep your pet occupied.

About Chew Toys, Rubber Toys, Rope Toys, Squeaky Toys

A chew toy is something to give your dog to help him relieve his desire to chew.  This will hopefully keep damage to you furniture to a minimum.  It also helps to keep your pet entertained while helping to get rid of excess energy.  Some toys like rubber balls and Frisbees can be good for dogs that prefer to have something to chase. 

Hunting is part of a dog’s nature and having a toy that can be thrown a good distance is great enjoyment for a dog.  It provides plenty of exercise while allowing your dog to nurture its instinct to hunt. 

Also, rope toys that can be used for tug of war are great toys for your dog as well.  Squeaky toys are good toys as long as you don’t have children who have toys of a similar nature.  You want your puppy to have an outlet for their desire to chew and it also helps to alleviate the pain of teething

Making Old Toys New Again

Some toys you should have readily available to your puppy, but you should keep aside a few toys that are only brought out for playtime.  This will make it so that certain toys are always new and exciting.  Toys that your dog has lost interest in should be put away for a later date.  Old toys then become new toys this way. 

Teaching your dog to let go of toys at your request is also a good training exercise.  If you are playing a chase game, you should make sure you dog returns after you call him.  If your dog becomes too obsessed with a toy then it should be put away.  Make sure the toys you pick out can’t be broken into sharp pieces and that they are large enough your pet can’t swallow them. 

If the toy is breaking down from use it should be checked to make sure it is not breaking off into small pieces.  If it is it should be discarded to prevent swallowing and choking.

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