Before you buy a dog bed, there are a few things to consider.  Things such as does your dog shed a lot, requiring constant cleaning of the bed?  Does you dog like to rest with it’s head raised? Will the bed be to hot for your dog?  The best way to know what kind of bed to get for your dog is to observe his behavior and figure out what makes your pooch most comfortable. 

The Right Size

A dog bed should be a place of rest and comfort for your animal companion.  If your dog becomes overheated or if the bed becomes filled with pet hair, this will make the bed less comfortable for your pet.  Also it is important that you buy the right size of bed as it does no good to get a bed your dog can’t fit.  The best way to go about this is to measure your dog while he is sleeping and add five inches.  That way you can be sure your dog has plenty of breathing room in its bed.  Failing that, you can measure from the neck to the base of the tail and add five inches.

Maximum Comfort

It is also wise to invest in a good quality bed.  Cheaper beds usually lack comfortable foam and fall apart much more quickly.  Investing in a quality bed is a good way to insure your pooch is getting the maximum amount of comfort.  To get a better understanding of why your dog may need a bed, it is important to look at how you dog is resting.  The floor is a very hard surface – it doesn’t give much support and can cause back and neck pain.  The reason your dog may need a bed is the same reason we all need beds, the floor is not a comfortable place to sleep. 

Dog Beds – different Styles

A raised bed will help keep your pet of the ground so they are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  A bolster style bed has a high back so it protects your pet from drafts while making them feel secure.  It also helps protect your walls from scratches while your pet sleeps.  Beds with high sides to them can help give your pets head support, as many dogs like to hang there head over the side to get a view of the room.  There are also many styles of beds to choose from, but if you do a little research you can be sure you’re getting the best bed for your dog.

Happier Pets

When deciding what the best bed for your pet is, the most important thing is to just observe them.  Most pets don’t enjoy sleeping on the floor and many people don’t want their pets sleeping in bed with them or on the furniture.  A pet bed is a great way to alleviate these problems and is fairly inexpensive.  If your pet is comfortable then they will be happier, this in turn means they will show you more affection and love.

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