There are many ways you can help your new puppy to get used to his collar. It is important that you utilize these techniques rather than just placing the collar on your puppy’s neck and ignoring him until he gets used to it.

With your help and guidance, the amount of time it takes for your puppy to get used to his collar can be short and even somewhat pleasant.

Getting your puppy used to his collar is something you have to teach him. He needs your help! Don’t rush your puppy through collar training – with your assistance, guidance and positive reinforcement, he will become successfully collar trained in his own time.
Choose A Collar That Fits Properly. The most important aspect of getting your new puppy used to his collar is to choose one that fits him well. If the collar is too tight, he will obviously want it off and will do anything he can to do this! Not only does this hinder collar training but it can also harm your puppy – so above all else, make sure your pup’s collar is not too small.
You will also want to make sure your puppy’s collar is not too big. If it is, he can easily slip out of it when you’re not looking and will make collar training almost impossible. You can measure your puppy’s neck yourself with a handy tape measure or take him to a pet store to let a professional do it. If you make sure to measure your puppy’s neck before purchasing a collar for him, you can ensure that you’re taking the first step to collar training success.

Don’t Make Him Wear It Constantly at First. It is better to collar train your puppy by letting him get used to wearing the collar for short periods of time. You can start with an hour or so a day and gradually increase the time he spends wearing the collar. This will allow him time to get accustomed to the collar without making him feel overwhelmed.

Distract Him. When your puppy is first getting used to his collar, you can help alleviate his stress by distracting him with play. This is one of the most important aspects of getting your puppy collar trained – while he is playing, he won’t be paying attention to the collar around his neck.

Of course your puppy will whine and be upset when first getting used to the collar. This is normal and you don’t want to take the collar off at the slightest sign of discomfort. This will only teach your puppy that if he cries, the collar will come off.

It is also important that you do take the collar off at signs of real distress or he will feel that you aren’t attentive to his needs. You can set up collar training success by following these tips and keeping a keen eye on your puppy while he gets used to his new collar.

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